Regular workshops

Regular workshops (monthly or fortnightly), building up foundation skills.

  • WHEN? These will start again in SEPTEMBER or OCTOBER
  • TIMES? They currently run in the afternoons from 1-4pm. (If you’re interested but because of distance/location, you would prefer a full day as an alternative, please contact me).
  • DAYS? Beginners – Wednesdays, Intermediate – Tuesdays. If you’re interested but these days are inconvenient, please contact me to discuss.
  • COST? The cost is €100 for each set of 4 workshops. 
  • MATERIALS? Occasionally, I’ll provide some of the materials, but on the whole, you’ll need to bring your own.

There are two levels – Beginners and Intermediate

1) Beginners:

If you’ve never used sewing machine, or you last used one decades ago, or you’ve had a bad experience in the past – this might be suitable for you.

Broken into 4 sets of 4 workshops I start with the very basics of learning to use a sewing machine, the settings, the tension, seams and seam allowances.

Please read through the link below “2017 Beginners’ Workshops” for more detailed information.

2017 Beginners’ Workshops

2) Intermediate:

If you’ve already covered my Beginners course or have a similar level of skills/experience, you might be interested on building on your skills.

Again, broken into 4 sets of 4 workshops There will be more independent work (with guidance), more choice over/within projects, but still the intention is to build up and improve your skills, experiences and – just as important – your confidence.

Please read through the link below “2017 Intermediate Sewing Workshops”  for more detailed information.

2017 Intermediate Sewing Workshops