Christening Wear

In 2018 I’m re-launching my Christening Wear business – exclusive designs inspired by the past but with a contemporary feel, all embroidered (if you wish!) with your baby’s name and Christening date. I have some readymade beautiful gowns, dresses and romper suits – all brand new, never worn – all designed and individually made (by me) which are available to buy. You can have your baby’s name and Christening date embroidered on these garments if you want, and in most cases I can supply co-ordinating accessories.  They’re ideal family heirlooms – to be passed down to future generations. Alternatively, let me convert your wedding dress into something really individual.

Later in the year, I will be designing a new range of traditional Christening robes, shorter Christening dresses and Christening romper suits – all with co-ordinating accessories. 

Have a browse – the drop-down menu is divided into 4 sections:

  1. Traditional length Christening robes/gowns (approx. 75cm long from shoulder to hem) some of which are suitable for baby boys and baby girls.
  2. Shorter length Christening dresses – though these are still longer than the baby so they have a traditional feel, too. They are approximately 50cm from shoulder to hemline.
  3. Christening romper suits – these all in one suits are practical and yet look very stylish and special.
  4. Accessories – this section tells you a little bit about the accessories available.