Infinity Scarf

DATE:  There will be a workshop on the morning of Wednesday 28th February.

Spend half a day here and make an infinity (also called “eternity”) scarf – they make wonderful gifts! You can use it as an introduction to working with knitted fabrics – either 2 knits or 1 knitted, 1 woven – if you’ve got some experience, or if you’re beginner use 2 woven fabrics. It’s a straightforward, fun project so there should also be time to make a co-ordinating drawstring gift bag (I often carry a scarf bag in my handbag so that if I take it off while I’m out, the fabric is protected), or you might prefer to make a second scarf to see if you can remember how to do it without any help.


TIMES: 10am – noon/1pm 

Tea/coffee and biscuits provided.

COST: €20

SEWING MACHINES: Either bring your own or use one of mine.

MATERIALS: I’ll explain fully what materials you need – each scarf uses 25cm each of two fabrics.