Making clothes

DATE:  2018 Dates to be arranged – let me know if you’re interested. 

Spend a full (busy!) day  – but in TWO PARTS – making a pair of pyjama bottoms, either for yourself or another adult.

This is for complete beginners – people who have never made a garment before. However, you will need to understand seam allowances, to be able to cut and sew straight, to have some experience of seams, hems and neatening edges.

SESSION ONE: This will last approximately 2 hours. I will explain the technical aspects of making garments and help you understand the commercial pattern envelope and contents. I will explain how to cut out the pattern and how to use it to cut out your fabric but you’ll then be expected to do this at home! I will make sure you know what to do before you leave!

SESSION TWO: This will last approximately 4 hours. I will talk you through assembling your ready-prepared (i.e. cut out) pyjama bottoms, including a casing around the top.

TIMES:  10am – 5pm or 6pm DATE to be arranged.

Tea/coffee and biscuits provided, but you’ll need to bring your own lunch.

COST: €60

SEWING MACHINES: Either bring your own or use one of mine.

MATERIALS: If you decide to book, I’ll explain fully what materials – and which dressmaking pattern – you need to bring